May 06 2012


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Reflection on cataract service trip to Qing Yuan March ,2012

If you ask me what impress me most throughout the trip, I will, undoubtedly, tell you that it is how helpless and lost the elderly there look. There is one elderly that I remember particularly well. She has all her hair turned silvery and wrinkle all over her face, and most importantly, she cannot see a thing. You could tell from sight that she is very scared sitting among the doctors and volunteers whom she did not even know what their appearances are. She is also quite self-conscious which is indicated by her small and weak voice as well as her damp posture. Yet what stunned me most is her loss of confidence and courage. When we guided her to the waiting zone after the examination of her cornea and lens, she kept whispering where her grandson is. It is the sight of her being so defeated by blindness that makes me realise how important such service trip is.

This trip gives me high satisfaction. You can really see the change of the patients after the surgery, even if it is a little bit. It is a bit sad that we can accompany them such a short time but it is sure that these elderly will no longer rely on their relatives completely and can take care of themselves to a greater extent. This can, first, relieve their family members from helping them and thus, allow the family members to get a job and increase the family’s income. Secondly, these patient can gain their dignity back especially when they can take a bath and go to the washroom themselves. Not only does this surgery help the old man but also their sons and daughters.

I believe this is necessary to increase the frequency of such trips and educate the citizens more about cataract. Higher frequency is recommended because some of the residents know that they have cataract but since they do not have sufficient money or appropriate surgical apparatus, some of them have suspended their treatment for so long that their eyes developed complications and progressed to an incurable state. It is really sad, especially when they have travelled so far and have their hope raised. As for education, it is important because even if the surgery is done, if the post-surgery hygiene is poor, there is a high possibility that complications will occur and worsen their sight. Also, the doctor can teach the patients how to diagnose cataract so that they can judge by themselves if they have cataract and thus, they can treat it before permanent harm is done.

In short, this trip is a nice and rewarding one. The other volunteers help us so much and we have learnt and tried so many different diagnostic apparatus. I hope to be able to join another service trip with green action in the coming future.

Harry Cheung ( University Year 1 )

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