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美國大學生 到訪山西省 王文嶺村 植林區

2010530美國聖母大學(University of Notre Dame)學生到訪記錄


1.      Dr. Noble 作出最後決定,學生不在農民家中渡宿一宵。

2.      今次行程,美國學生乘坐火車由北京出發,在29晚上9:30到達太原,一行共21(包括了美國領隊Dr. Noble及北京學生中心趙先生(Mr. Justin Chiu)協助),而林科院鄺院長和香港一班義工(包括Mrs. LoLilian KwokTennyson Chan及我)在太原火車站等侯這團隊,然後一齊前往酒店入住。

3.      530日早上我們租了兩輛旅遊巴士往王文嶺出發,我們與學生們一齊前往植林區爬山後,中午在村民家中吃午飯,學生們對這次到王文嶺的行程感到非常奇妙及甚感興趣。


4.      我認為這一次訪問很成功 :

a) 行程運作暢順

   b) 所有參與者有積極回應

   c) 在王文嶺進行家訪,我們盡一點小心意,給予每家農民200元人民幣(這次

      安排了五家農民,每戶負責招待4- 6名學生),另美國聖母大學捐贈了一


   d) 美國聖母大學駐北京的趙先生考慮會安排北京的大學生再度訪察。

5. 方金海給我們匯報了一個好消息,就是往年種植存活了的7000株樹的生長


6. 另我們與村長及兩位村委,一齊在村長家中午膳,大家閒話家常;他們表示非常歡迎大學生的到訪,在談話中提及希望在我們能力範圍內,協助幫忙解決現有用水源不足的問題。

7. 村長方海金提出討論今年管理樹木的方案,但由於時間太緊拙,美國學生要準備起程離開;所以今次沒時間去商討,我只能回應他,鄧錫英醫生暫定會在7月份來訪,到時會和他約時間商議一切,現由基金會每月支付100元人民幣(以一年十二個月計算,每個月支付),用作冬天保護林木之用。











# It is to report about the recent Wong Man Ling visit by the students from University of  Notre Dame to WML on 29th May.,2010
1. Due to final decision of Dr. Noble, the students were not staying in the villagers’

 home overnight
2. There was a group of 21 including Dr. Noble and Mr. Justin Chiu from Student

Centre from Beijing helping to arrange the travel of the students. They travelled by

train from Beijing in the afternoon and arriving Tai Yuan at 9:30 pm. 29th June.
    Mr. Kwong and the HK volunteers ( Mrs .Lo, Lilian Kwok , Tennyson Chan and I)

went to the Tai Yuan train station to bring them to the hotel
.3, We rent two bus to travel to WML on 30th May in the morning and took lunch

 with the villagers after hiking in our plantation site.
    Students were very cooperative and interested in the WML visit. They visited the

Shanxi Museum the next morning before they returned to Beijing on 31 st May 2pm.

4. This visit is a successful in my view in term of :-
   a)  Smooth and safe running of the visit
   b). Positive response by all participants
   c). Villagers of WML had some financial input ( We had arranged a lunch fee of

RMB 200 each for 5 families hosting 4-6 students , the university of  Notre

 Dame also arrange a donation of RMB 1000 to the whole village as a gift to

 thank their helping in the visit.)
   d). there may be future visit arranged by Mr.Justin Chiu for university from Beijing

 to the plantation as a similar study tour as this one.
5.  Fong Kam Hoi had reported a good growing status of the trees and claiming the

 number to be around 7000 and survival rate of  60-70% 
6.  We had lunch with village party secretary and two other officers in the village

 head’s home. We had very good communication and they had showed welcome

attitude to the students’ visit. There is however a rise for help to solve the water

shortage problem in the village  by one officer but there is no pressure or forceful demand in his request for help.

7.        The village head ( Fong Hoi Kam) wanted to discuss the management of the trees

 for this year but it cannot be done due to short time for the students are leaving

already. I replied him that Dr.Tang will deal with it in July. It would be then

about time to pay the village for this year’s  management fee ( RMB 100

 monthly for 12 months) and money for the winter protection of trees.

Generally speaking , this visit had opened a new role that our foundation can play in the plantation site of WML besides as an experimental site that kept for our own inspection



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